Living in Florida can make the Holiday’s seem unimportant and out of sight. Something about glowing palm trees just doesn’t give the same effect as pine trees as high as the eye goes being covered with lights or even better, snow. Sure, it’s nice to walk out of the house in the middle of December in sandals and shorts, but doesn’t inspire Floridians to drink hot chocolate or go door-to-door singing Christmas carols.

We at Riverfront Cruises have discovered a way to get people into the spirit while still enjoying the luxury of warm and salty sea air. Put on your best holiday apparel and the seasonal cheer because throughout the month of December, we will be offering a special “Holiday of Lights” Tour through the Venice of America!

What’s better than going through the waterways of Fort Lauderdale and seeing the beautifully constructed homes of the rich and famous? Those beautiful homes decked out with lights so bright it’ll put you in awe!

Some of the best houses in the past have been names you’re familiar with. One of those being Wayne Huizenga, owner of Waste Management and partial owner of the Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens. His house is impeccable the other 11 months of the year, but during December, Huizenga really decks the halls to impress. Other names would be queen of the square patty, Wendy Thomas, and Gloria Vanderbilt, American artist and actress, and mother of CNN TV anchor, Anderson Cooper.

Throw away the Bahumbugs and put on the holiday cheer, because we’re going to offer a holiday experience that you won’t find south of the Dixie. Come celebrate the Holiday season with us aboard Riverfront Cruises through the Fort Lauderdale waterways that we like to call the “Venice of America”.

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Happy Holidays!

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